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Dennis Prudlo Friday, 04/07/2023

Bank connections for easy imports

Bank connections for easy imports

With connected bank accounts, transactions can be imported at the push of a button. In this article we will show you how to do this:

1. Create the bank connection

Before you can link your bank account to a roublez account, you first need to set up the bank connection with roublez. You can do this in the settings under Security and Bank connections.

Here you first select the bank you want to connect from the list of supported banks. Further settings will be filled in automatically by us. But you can change them according to your wishes:

Transaction history days

Here you can specify how far back roublez can look in your transaction history. If you want to import transactions from the last three months, you have to enter at least 90 days here. Each bank has a different limit for the length of the allowed transaction history.

Access days

Here you can set how long roublez should have the possibility to query the transactions. If you want to import transactions from a bank account only once, you can enter 1 day here. After one day the connection will expire and roublez will not be able to access your transactions until you reauthorize the connection. The maximum access time is 90 days.

2. Authorize connection

In the next step you will be redirected to our service provider Nordigen, where you complete the authorization. Here you will be shown all important information again. Depending on your bank, you will have to complete the authorization process prescribed by your bank.

3. Connect roublez account

Once you have successfully completed the authorization, you will be redirected back to roublez. Here you can view the connection under Bank connections. Now you just need to edit a roublez account and select the appropriate bank account under Bank connection.

4. Import transactions

After linking, an Import button will appear on the account page to guide you through the import process. At the end of the import process you always have the option to adjust or ignore the entries before saving them.

A little note

Unfortunately, automatic import of transactions is not possible at the moment. But don't worry, we are working on it 😉.

Since it is almost impossible to implement an optimal solution for all banks with the mass of banks with different formats, we would be very happy about feedback on this feature. Together we can optimize the import from bank accounts.

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