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We are passionate about making asset tracking understandable and want to motivate people to be more aware of their finances.
Dennis Prudlo: Founder
Dennis Prudlo
Dennis Prudlo: Development
Dennis Prudlo
Dennis Prudlo: Design
Dennis Prudlo
Dennis Prudlo: Marketing
Dennis Prudlo

Our principles

During the development of roublez, there are some points that are particularly important to us, so that the platform meets our standards. That's why we are guided by the following principles, so that you have a good and safe experience when using it.

#1 Data Protection & Privacy

No ads, no annoying cookie banners and no hidden newsletter signups. We want roublez to show you only what you want to see and to ask for only the data that is needed for it. No data is collected and sold here. More on this on our Privacy page.

#2 Communication & Transparency

As a B2C application, we place special emphasis on the relationship with the customer and strive for open communication. We are always open to ideas, suggestions and improvements and are happy when these suggestions are shared with us.

#3 Quality over quantity

Instead of getting new features to the user as quickly as possible, we prefer to take a little more time and try to perfect the new feature. Our goal is not to have the most features of all, but the best.

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