Accounts and Transactions

The heart of your financial overview

Add your accounts, record transactions, and categorize them for a precise and up-to-date overview of your finances. Track income and expenses, analyze trends, and make informed financial decisions.


Create your accounts and give them speaking names so you can easily tell them apart. Manage


For a better overview and display of your accounts, you can also store the BIC of the corresponding bank. On the accounts page you will then also see the name and logo of the bank. If we do not have the bank in the system yet, we will be informed about it and will update the information immediately. Visualization


Do you have some accounts in euros and others in US dollars? No problem! Each account can have a different currency, so you can also map this case. In the summarized reports, the conversion into your default currency is done automatically. Currency


Every now and then you may close your account - but you still want to keep the history of your transactions. In this case, you can simply archive a created account. It will no longer appear in the overviews, but your entries will still be saved for tracking. Archive

Bank connections

Import transactions

Importing transactions can be tedious. For this reason, you can create a bank connection and import all transactions starting at a specified date with a mouse click. Import transactions


When creating the bank connection, you can specify how far into the past roublez can look when importing your transactions. You also decide how long the bank connection is valid before it expires automatically. After that we can only access your transactions again with your permission. Privacy


Income and expenses

Create income or expense entries to represent cash inflows or outflows. Then give the transaction a date, a name and of course the amount - and you're done. Income and expenses


So that you don't have to create two transactions when transferring money between your own accounts, you can use transfers. Select the account to be debited and the account to be credited and we will do the rest. Transfers


Groups and categories

For a better organization of your transactions you can group them into categories. Categories can be, for example, Bars and Clubs, Restaurants and Streaming Services. You can then organize your categories into groups, such as Leisure and Lifestyle. Groups and categories


Each group or category can be given its own color, so that you can see from that alone what a transaction is about. Visualization

Ignore in the analytics

Groups and categories have the possibility to be ignored in the analytics. All transactions that fall into these categories will not be counted as income or expenses in certain reports. This could be for example a transfer to an own account, which you are not tracking in roublez. Ignore in the analytics


Find transactions faster

Sometimes a category is not enough to describe a transaction. Use tags to give transactions more information. You can also search for these tags to find specific transactions faster. Find transactions faster


Invoices and receipts

You can also add documents, such as invoices or receipts, to each transaction you create. What kind of document you want to add to a transaction is entirely up to you. Invoices and receipts



Dips in development can raise questions when you can't remember why a big cash outflow occurred. With bookmarks you can give this spot a name, so hovering with your mouse is enough to be fully in the picture again. Highlights



View your balance history from just one or all of your accounts. You can also view the history for different time periods. Development


Are you interested in how much you spend in different categories or groups? With the analytics you have an overview of exactly that. Distribution


Quick access

Are you looking for a specific transaction? The search is available on the whole platform with just one click (or shortcut) and searches all entries you have created in roublez. Quick access

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