Set yourself a limit

Manage your finances effectively with our easy-to-use budgets. Create budgets, track expenses, and save effortlessly for your financial goals. Summaries help you make informed financial decisions.

Key figures

You always have an overview of the most important key figures of your budget. Among other things, you can see your current exhaustion, when your budget will be reset again and when you have exceeded your budget. Key figures

Transaction history

Which transactions are relevant for your budget and which are not can be found directly on the detail page of your budget. Here you can also search and filter the transactions as usual. Transaction history


Wide range of intervals

You decide when the budget should be reset again. You can decide between the intervals weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually and yearly. If you don't want your budget to be reset at the beginning of the month, but on a different day, that's no problem either! Wide range of intervals


All by itself

In order to manage your budgets automatically, you don't have to manually assign each transaction to a budget. For this purpose, you can configure conditions that you can apply.


Just select the categories you want to assign to this budget. All transactions assigned to this category will automatically be included in your budget.


Stay informed

Get notified when something happens. You'll be notified via the app, email, or push notification when your budget is being reset again.

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