How we take care of your data

Especially when it comes to private financial data, it is important that it is stored securely and handled responsibly. We would like to show you here how we ensure that we fulfill our responsibility. For more detailed information, you can also view our Privacy Policy.

Data storage in Germany 🇩🇪

All our servers and resources that we need to run roublez are located in Germany. This means that not only we, but also our server providers are obliged to comply with the EU's GDPR.

DigitalOcean We have chosen DigitalOcean as the provider for our services. With years of experience in infrastructure solutions, DigitalOcean offers a mature and secure product portfolio.
Servers & Resources All web, database and caching servers, as well as other data storage solutions are located in DigitalOcean's Frankfurt data center. Due to internal VPC networking, not a single bit has to be transferred across national borders.
Transport-encrypted All communication with roublez servers is encrypted. Your browser encrypts all data you transmit to ensure that no one else can read your data as it is transmitted.

No cookies 🍪

Have you noticed that we don't have twelveteen annoying cookie banners? That's because we don't need them. We don't need your personal data for marketing and above all we don't want to have it.

The bare minimum We only set cookies roublez_session, XSRF-TOKEN and remember_web_*. All of them are functionality cookies, through which you can not be tracked. Huh? It's all greek to me...

Then how do we make money?

Our strategy is not to earn money with as many visitors as possible, but through targeted customers who want to use our product:

roublez Plus We are financed by the Plus subscription that you can sign up with us and which we offer with additional features. Therefore, there will be no free roublez Plus with advertising.
Forever without ads There will be no advertising with roublez, not even with the free version. We are convinced that our product can provide added value and we are happy about every subscription.

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